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The Janus Elixir

A Blackfire Story


The fairy tale isn't over...

Archaeologists are not often consulted by gods. However, Malcolm Blackfire is not a typical archaeologist—he’s also a dragon.

So, when the brain of the god Janus is stolen from Thanatos Abbey in the city of Talesend, Malcolm and his assistant Melody Nightingale are summoned by Hades himself to investigate.

Soon, a dark design behind the theft emerges. The mysterious Dr. Henry Jekyll is performing dangerous experiments. A powerful sorcerer named Hyde has arisen in the Talesend underworld. The answer to the mystery is clear…

…or is it?

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are not what they seem. But by the time Malcolm discovers the truth about them, it may be far too late.

Note: This story is also included in Beaumont and Beasley Book 4, The Hound of Duville and Other Stories, which continues the storyline of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

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