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The Hound of Duville

and Other Stories

Beaumont and Beasley, Book 4


(coming soon)

Tales from across the Afterlands.

In the 19th century Ever After, a dragon hunts an insane alchemist.


In an ordinary house, a very extraordinary governess guards a little boy from a terrifying monster.


A young-man-about-town persecuted by fairies engages the services of a highly-unusual butler.


An insidious monster seizes control of an asylum for magical creatures.


And finally, in the city of Talesend, a bizarre and contagious curse leads to a tragic confrontation for Nick Beasley and Lady Cordelia Beaumont.


In these five stories from the world of Beaumont and Beasley, you will discover untold secrets from the past…and encounter a future enemy waiting in the wings.


The end is about to begin.

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