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Crockett and Crane, Book 1


(coming soon)

Todd Crane is on the run from the law.

Good thing he’s got four legs.

But even the magic ring that lets Todd turn into a centaur isn’t enough to help him escape from Marshal Amy Crockett, who’s got a bone to pick with him. Something about selling not-entirely-legal magic potions. No big deal, right?


Hang on. It gets worse.


There’s a downright terrifying monster roaming across the West...even worse than the usual monsters one finds out there. A creature that could leave the United States of Neverica in ruins.


The Headless Horseman is back.


Todd and Amy are the only ones who might be able to save the day. Fortunately, they’ve got the form of a guitar-playing dragon shifter and a book-loving gorgon.


Yes, this is the western you’ve been looking for. Enjoy.

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