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The Hare and the Hatter

Beaumont and Beasley, Book 6


(coming soon)

The truth is finally revealed…

Crispin Beasley has an unusual relationship with time. When his strange powers grant him a terrifying vision of someone from his past, he reluctantly turns to the one person who may be able to help—the dragon Malcolm Blackfire.


Malcolm has an unusual relationship with morality, and his own past is beginning to catch up with him. When he realizes how grave Crispin’s predicament truly is, he joins forces with the young magician to uncover the truth about a mysterious threat facing the city of Talesend. Something strange is afoot at the studios of Harry March, an up-and-coming producer of animated films…and his newest employee is someone whom Malcolm and Crispin both know all too well.


The confrontation that results will test our unlikely heroes to their limits…and may destroy the future of the Afterlands completely. No matter what happens, one thing is certain—neither Crispin nor Malcolm will ever be the same again.

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