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The Geppetto Codex

Beaumont and Beasley, Book 5


(coming soon)

The puppets have cut their strings…

Timid faun Gareth Llewellyn and hot-tempered dryad Sylvia Kirke are not exactly the most skilled or valued agents of Beaumont and Beasley Investigations. So, when an opportunity arises for them to finally prove their worth to their employers, they jump at the chance.


The citizens of the city of Vetri are turning into wooden statues, and no one can determine the cause. Gareth and Sylvia trace the threat to an abandoned monastery; home to a family of living, evil puppets.


It’s all right, though. They can handle this. Can’t they?


Perhaps not. When a crucial mistake turns the entire situation on its head, Gareth and Sylvia must decide whether to stand and fight against impossible odds…or accept a dark bargain from an old enemy.

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